Our Mission

We want to simply layout the Bible in such a way that you can see the bigger picture, and intrigue you enough to go read the actual Bible. 

Why Im passionate 

It started when my little niece was baptized and I agreed to help raiser her to know who God is. I couldn't take this lightly, I wanted to be as prepared as an uncle could be to teach and encourage her. So I went looking for resources but nothing really impressed me. In that moment I decided to start making The Bible Simply Put. 

- Matt Ziehr, Founder

The Idea behind the project 

There is a great chasm in biblical learning these days. If you want to learn the story of the Bible you have to take a running leap from children's Bibles straight to the Bible itself. We are hoping to provide an intermediate stepping stone to help people make that leap. We learn many things in life with stepping stones, that's what school provides from kindergarten to college. So why not scripture? It's the most important subject you could ever study.

How it all works

Each layer of the project build upon the previous one, starting with OneStory. OneStory is a simplification of the whole Bible into just one quick statement. From there you get the 2 Testaments, a pretty basic split of the Bible that most people already know. They each get their own statements that help to break down the bigger story. From there we decided to break each Testament down into 4 major sections, 8 in all. Each section gets its own color that will continue down into the project. These 4 sections on each side mirror each other pretty closely but not perfectly. The give each Testament a foundation for God's people, the history of how God's people live life based on that foundation, a group in of letters or people that impact that history, and some words about life. We break each of these sections down into the 66 books of the Bible that a lot of people are familiar with. Each book receives a shade of the color for the sections they come from, moving from lightest to darkest in that section. Every book is simplified into a quick statement and then finally each chapter in that book is given a brief descriptive title and short summary of the chapter. We have also simplified the characters that are found in these chapters in order to help you understand what is going on. Soon we will also have simple explanations of all the places found in the Bible too. We encourage you to move up and down through this project, it really helps to bring together the whole story of the Bible.